Stacy Howell resides in Waynesville, Missouri with his wife Ariadne. He has three sons and a granddaughter. He Retired with 21 years active service with the United States Army and still works as an Army civilian today. Stacy started fishing as a young boy in Arizona where he grew up with his family spending many weekends and summers in the outdoors.

He started fishing tournaments while stationed in Texas in the early 2000’s, after moving to Missouri in 2006, Stacy continued to fish with a local club and learned what fishing tournaments were really all about. Being mentored by some of the best anglers in Missouri has been a blessing for Stacy, allowing him to get to where he is today.

He has a great family support system and wonderful sponsors who assist him in achieving his fishing career goals. Stacy has fished the Bassmaster Weekend Series, Bassmaster Team Trail (Joe Bass), American Bass Anglers, Fishing for Freedom, Anglers In Action, USA Bassin, Tri County Bass Club of St Robert, MO and many charity tournaments. Stacy continues to fish as often as possible and promotes conservation and sportsmanship.